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I don’t think I can put into words how amazing Charlotte is! I contacted her out of desperation having tried other sleep training methods and failing miserably, we were at the end of our tether! Our 22 month old had been co sleeping for a few months, napping for very short periods and only in the car or contact napping, he would scream if you tried to put him in his cot etc and we were all exhausted and he was so grumpy from lack of sleep! In all honest I was skeptical at first and had little hope that we could get him back in his cot. Charlotte was so reassuring and supportive from day 1, and always on hand to provide us with support and encouragement and answer the millions of questions we had! On the first night our son slept all night in his own bed and the next day had nearly 2 hours in his cot!! He has been consistently sleeping 12-13 hours overnight in his cot and napping since. We had a couple of wobbles but Charlotte empowered us to continue and at no time was judgemental, even when I had slipped up on the programme! I would 100000% recommend Charlotte to anyone struggling, she is incredible and a genuinely nice person who really cares! We are all so much happier and my toddler is so much happier too, nursery have also commented how much brighter his mood is now he’s sleeping better! We have been given the tools to change our lives and I am so glad I took the leap and contacted Charlotte. Thank you so so much Charlotte, you are amazing!

Livi, Oxfordshire

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Baby Sleep Consultant
Baby Sleep Consultant
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