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Baby Sleep Consultant
Baby Sleep Consultant
Baby Sleep Consultant

Are you looking for a better night's sleep for you and your little one?

Are you struggling with multiple night wakings, naps and bedtime?

Are you looking for a solution which is led by comfort and not 'crying it out'? 

Then take the first step to a good night's sleep by booking a discovery call to see how I can help you and your family.

For only £300 I provide you with one-to-one, unlimited WhatsApp support for three weeks as well as a bespoke sleep plan for your little one. This includes

  • Four day analysis of existing routine to establish most suitable plan

  • Bespoke gentle sleep training plan (using a trademarked Gentle Sleep Training method)

  • One hour video consultation to troubleshoot existing sleep and guide you through your bespoke plan

  • Three weeks of unlimited support via WhatsApp during my waking hours

Emma, Edinburgh

"It has honestly changed our life as we get a full night's sleep again which we've not had in such a long time! Well worth the money. We highly recommend Charlotte!"

Daniela, London

"Charlotte was amazing! She took us from 8/9 night wakes with a baby that was completely dependant on his pacifier, to no night wakes and a baby that can connect sleep cycles without the need of the binky..."

Kate, London

"Charlotte has saved all of our sanity! ... I am delighted to report that our baby boy sleeps through the night and does not need to be fed or settled by us. I can't recommend or thank Charlotte enough."
Baby Sleep Consultant
Baby Sleep Consultant

Gentle Sleep Co

Gentle Sleep Co, baby sleep consultant, is here to help guide you and your baby to a better night’s sleep. 


To find out how I can help you and your family please book a discovery call and take the first step to a good night’s sleep. 

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